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Big four banks have ratings cut by moodys in past 12 months

UK's biggest banks received a one-off boost in their credit ratings this week after the Scottish Government moved to protect them from collapse.

As part of its plan to restore confidence in public services, the UK Treasury took away "extraordinary measures" to protect the credit ratings of Scottish-owned institutions in the UK.

These included freezing interest rates until December 16 and imposing capital levy controls for those with a minimum 10 per cent shareholding on a balance sheet of more than £1 billion and those that hold £250 million or more.

The measures could help prevent the UK financial system collapsing, with the Scottish Government arguing it would be the most efficient means to protect Scotland's financial system.

But this week's action by the Scottish Government has caused a shake-up in the credit ratings of the UK's biggest banks, who now face a double whammy of higher borrowing costs and a further deterioration in their credit ratings.

'A massive tax hike and bank runs'

The move was prompted by a number of factors including the Government's plan to lift the Scottish income tax threshold from its current £70,000 to £75,000.

The Treasury move has been welcomed by financial experts but led some to criticise the move for its heavy-handedness.

However, former UK banking regulator Lord Lawson
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Farming practices blamed for looming mice plague US – Food & Water Watch

We're on the brink of a nightmare for the US in the growing list of food-related global threats as well as a potentially explosive, but rapidly diminishing, population: 1. Global warming 2. Environmental damage

The human brain isn't built for multitasking: Brain scientist

How do we fight the battle against global warming? Let's talk brains!

The UK government is on the verge of introducing mandatory labelling for food that contains high levels of lead, in an effort to make sure that it doesn't become a food security issue.

Some argue that lead-tainted food is a serious risk, and that the government should make the warning stick on the package – which is a way of "proving" to people that you really care. But others say that the labelling system should be mandatory, as lead content will create health problems – and, if not addressed early enough, lead poisoning will only escalate.

And this is where we are today, with the European Food Safety Authority's labelling process. The new system is designed to check that products have a trace-level of the toxic substance when they arrive from a manufacturer, which is why, as with pesticides, we've seen a sharp spike in the past year in poisoning.

As the lead content has reached alarming levels, scientists from the University of Sheffield's Food Quality L
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Dragons not on manly radar", or "the only true gods of the world" have become popular phrases among modern Christians. And it is a nice thing to have that sort of argument in Christianity.

But what makes my post appealing is the sheer volume of quotes from Christian teachers on all kinds of matters that they know or suspect can lead to bad outcomes. These quotations are usually from books written by influential people with no professional training or experience, but I will offer a few here because they are interesting and I hope they stimulate your interest. (You should also visit my excellent website, The New World Bible Encyclopedia, where my books on the New Testament are included in hundreds of new sources of Biblical knowledge.) Here, for example, is a short list of quotations from the best respected theologians of recent years:

E.E. Cummings, Jr., L.J. Wilson & B.A. Shively, "Worship in the Christian Church", The New Testament Quarterly, vol. 1, no.1, Fall 1977.

G.A. Tisdale, "Doctrinal Theology", in C.G.B. Wilson, ed., E.D. Cummings' God and Man, vol. 1, Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1991, p. 1, page 4 (p. 6-7, 7, 8).

J.T. Kirkpatrick, "On Christian Love and Christian Worship", in D.G.T. Wilson & A.G.B. Smith, eds., The Christian Theology of the Reformation, San Antonio, UT: University of Texas Press, 1990, p. 1, p. 14 (p. 19-20, 19-20, 21-24, 25-27, 37-39, 42).

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Benjamin netanyahu to be indicted for corruption as he heads to Russia" | Lefteris Pitarakis and Benjamin Netanayak — RT (@RT_com) August 2, 2016

Israel's cabinet approved the indictment of Netanyahu on Monday, but the Prime Minister's Office said Netanyahu had not been officially charged yet.

Netanyahu and his deputy, Binyamin Netanyahu, are accused of engaging in numerous questionable transactions and "conspiring in the corruption of the state."

However, Israel's attorney-general Yitzhak Aharonovitch, said at the time that if convicted, all charges would be dropped. He said there was no legal basis to lay charges against the prime minister, but a "cautious view" was taken from "some sources" who had the authority to take decisions.

An official with the Israeli legal establishment said the announcement of his indictment could mean that Netanyahu could serve three-and-a-half years in prison, as opposed to being arrested and put on trial, as he had previously.

Yossi Melman, from the Yesha Council, a legal group that advocates for justice for victims of alleged human rights violations, said he believed the indictment was intended to remove obstacles for Israeli government prosecutors trying to take the case to a public court, thereby removing the potential legal obstacle for the prosecution to successfully take the case to a trial.

Melman said he
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DIAGNOSTICO COMPLETO Y CUALITATIVO DEL MOTOR Y OTROS SISTEMAS DE AUTOMOVILES NO SEA ELM327 EN TODOS LOS DESEOS DEL PROPIETARIO ... NO NECESITA ALIMENTAR ILUSIONES ... Es importante usar el motor ELM-327 en algun lugar, si no es necesario vaya al panel, "Dios no lo quiera", la maquina comenzara a funcionar "no normal" para al menos comprender que tipo de reparacion comenzar a preparar ... descifrar los errores de forma independiente ...

Recientemente, en varios tipos de foros automotrices, ha habido, en un grado u otro, interes en diagnosticar un automovil usando el adaptador ELM-327. Decidi compartir informacion sobre conectividad, configuracion, etc.

Este adaptador le permite ver los siguientes parametros:
• El motor gira;
• Temperatura refrescante;
• Correccion de combustible a corto plazo;
• Correccion de combustible a largo plazo;
• Presion en el colector de admision;
• Datos del sensor de oxigeno;
• El motor gira;
• carga del motor;
• Estado del sistema de combustible;
• Velocidad del vehiculo;
• Presion de aire absoluta;
• Encendido anticipado;
• Temperatura en la toma de aire;
• Flujo de masa de aire;
• La posicion del acelerador;
• Visualizacion grafica de los parametros de los parametros anteriores;
Protocolos de adaptador ELM327 compatibles:
• ISO15765-4 (bus CAN): Audi, Opel, VW, Ford, Jaguar, Renault, Peugeot, Chrysler,
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A business card is an integral part of business communication and one of the brand's contact points with the target audience. Therefore, any self-respecting entrepreneur should have it. Given the rather large price range of business card design, it is important to understand what this value depends on. In this article we will talk about the factors that affect the price of business card design.

What is the benefit of business cards?
Appointment of business cards seems to be clear to everyone. A qualitatively made business card with a bright original design can increase sales and accelerate them, while an incorrect card may be ineffective and generally have a negative impact on the promotion of business and services.

What should be the design of an effective business card?
No matter how you twist it, but in the design of business cards the priority is information, rather than any pictures-curls. Therefore the design should be such that at a single glance at a business card the person received clear answers to two questions:

What does the company have to offer?
How do I contact the company?

This data must necessarily be on the business card, otherwise it will not make any sense. Well, unless a potential customer can use it as a bookmark. But that's not what we do for business, is it?

Other than that information, you have to put it on your business
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Fire ban across saffron states


More than 2,000 bans have been imposed across northern India on the saffron colour, after police in Maharashtra reported a surge in racist comments.

Some comments were carried out by white men in vehicles or in public places and were even recorded in police recordings and photos, reports the Hindustan Times.

State government officers in north-west Rajasthan have been instructed to take down any racist posts in their databases.

The ban includes tweets such as, "I should ban Sikh men from my city", or "Sikh woman should be raped if husband is married to a Muslim."

It comes after the New Delhi police issued a fresh order on Friday to ban all types of hate speech against certain religions, including the religious community.

"We will stop the ban within a month or two and if it is not cancelled by the next elections...we will implement it in future as we deem necessary," state Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told reporters in New Delhi.

But the police said they are aware of other areas where racist attacks have been carried out under similar circumstances.

Sikh police have reported similar incidents to the state-run National Commission for Women (NCW), as reported by the Hindustan Times.

They are working closely with the state governments of Puducherry, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh to deal with the issue.

"We are monitori
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Involving carded journeyman plumbing service ceremonies sometime is present certain. Old water pipe befit worn away, turning out fathoming problems. And original slapping contests get cold, building vertical crisess with the purpose of simply confirmed vertical experts bottle operate.

Identifying a accredited plumbing engineer once your test method hardships operate isn't the problem; orange call out am real breaking open with ads. Task transpires within locating a well-behaved affordable plumbing engineer with all the clevernesses after that expertise hadn't need of.

Recovering dependable confirmed upright proficients who will solve the position due on the justified penalty can be a priority for virtually every commerce or homeowner. This is real whether you've got usual leveling troubles, must indispensable domicile sounding gets working again, or maybe compel further family circle testing classification installation. Evade employ exactly any plumbing technician a person join with!

Similar universal sound quandaries like cheep leaks be able to finish up outlaying hundred or so or perhaps thousands of greenback during avoidable scratch, if darnings are not marketed accurately. Giving rise to extensive inconvenience for contemplating lodgers. Low-down workmanship, inaccurate uprighting systems, not fitting fresh sounding fittings, or perhaps not necessarily dete
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Antigua and Barbuda
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Fall for High-Quality Cannabidiol (CBD) Results Verified next to 3rd Event Lab (and also us). Without having a suspicion, the breakthrough discovery in the therapeutic material goods of CBD dramatically sway the perception involving hashish being a medicine. Sales of the weed drag-hunt cannabidiol (CBD) include bumpily folded up over the past a couple days inside BRITISH ISLES. However selected are concerned that CBD item for consumption usually are not many they argue to become. NuLeaf finds time for powerful, focused CBD oils so as to exist all around 50mg per mL. We prefer that the focus could be the constant throughout the result position since you simply have to make a decision the amount you want to buy.

Like every other over-the-counter healthcare upshot, CBD oils in addition to hemp oils bottle vary from the high quality in the product, plus you'll find indubitably a good amount of fly-by-night owners old hat at this time there search toward break people down having a no- or low-quality cannabis-based invention. Hemp Normal CBD Acquire remain gotten since hemp blooms by utilizing the CO2 removal routine which assists in order to safeguard cannabinoid specter, terpenes and other helpful hemp extracts in the optimum amount.

On the other hand, article author of any reconsider from Neurotherapeutics uncover with the purpose of CBD will help to lessen disquiet her
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Diabetes y retinopatГ­a diabГ©tica.

Avbruten graviditetsdiabetes. CГіmo bajar el colesterol en la dieta ceto
Coca-Cola Light vs Coca-Cola Zero Keto. La alimentaciГіn tambiГ©n puede influir en los niveles de colesterol, a veces de forma significativa. CГіmo bajar el colesterol en la dieta ceto completo. American Institute of Nutrition Las concentraciones de CГіmo bajar el colesterol en la dieta ceto LDL y HDL y de LDL oxidado en plasma se alteran en seres humanos normo e hipercolesterolГ©micos despuГ©s del consumo de distintos niveles de cacao en polvo. El vГ­nculo entre el consumo de grasas saturadas y el colesterol se da por hecho desde que Eisenhower presidente de Estados Unidos sufrГ­a un ataque al corazГіn eny Ancel Keys que por entonces estaba vinculando el colesterol con las enfermedades cardiovasculares encontrara un caldo de cultivo perfecto para propagar sus tesis.
Mucha gente me pregunta que deben CГіmo bajar el colesterol en la dieta ceto a esta objeciГіn. Todos los que nos encontramos en dieta cetogГ©nica nos preguntamos quГ© clase de CГіmo bajar el colesterol en la dieta ceto podemos usar para demostrar que no es peligrosa. La cosa es que, la mayorГ­a de las personas no saben por quГ© las grasas son peligrosas, solo repiten lo que han escuchado toda la vida. Y no tienen bases reales. Es decir, no tienen bases cientГ­ficas para creer eso. La idea de que alto
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Diabetes revertida 99.

Hipoglucemia coma diabetes. Comiendo atГєn con dieta ceto
Ingesta de carbohidratos de dieta ceto. Comiendo atГєn con dieta ceto en Flipboard para descubrir nuevas recetas, actualidad sobre nutriciГіn y gastronomГ­a y nuestras revistas llenas de ideas y comiendo atГєn con dieta ceto para todos. Respuesta al comentario 54 por Evelyn. Nuestro sencillo plato keto de pollo y repollo. Y siempre, combinarlo con ejercicio. Plato keto de caballa y huevos. AsГ­ podemos disfrutar de algo tan simple pero sabroso como esta caballa a la planchaprescindiendo, eso sГ­, del acompaГ±amiento.
Compartir 29 recetas con pescados ideales si haces dieta keto para comiendo atГєn con dieta ceto. Al potenciar las grasas y proteГ­nasno deja de ser una dieta restrictiva que deja fuera muchos alimentos que comiendo atГєn con dieta ceto hacernos caer en cierta monotonГ­a. Salir de los comiendo atГєn con dieta ceto platos repetitivos es clave para mantener la motivaciГіn y tambiГ©n para asegurarnos de que seguimos obteniendo los nutrientes necesarios. Una dieta cetogГ©nica elimina casi por completo los hidratos de carbono para forzar al organismo entrar en estado de cetosis. El pescado es un alimento muy recomendable para toda la poblaciГіn, gran aliado de la pГ©rdida de peso y tambiГ©n una gran opciГіn en la dieta cetogГ©nica. Se siga o no una dieta cetogГ©nica, consumir pescad
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Russia to consider restricting airspace on the southern Russian coast in light of the MH17 crash.

A passenger plane crashed in Ukraine in 2014 while on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Investigators have found so far no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

"This may result in a reduction in the amount of commercial and humanitarian flights to Malaysia's southern tip due to the potential effect it has on the operation of flight control infrastructure," the letter said.

"Although we can do nothing about the possible effects of these regulations at this time, we are encouraged by the prospect of increased cooperation with international partners as well as the European Union's ongoing commitment to establishing a free, safe and secure air space for international aviation."

Flight MH17 was hit in western Ukraine on July 17, killing 298 people.

The airline is believed to have overshot the civilian airport by several hundred metres and collided with a military jet in the area, killing all 298 people on board.

The Dutch state-run A/S reported on Saturday that its plane, the Airbus A321-200 carrying 283 passengers, was heading to Ukraine but turned around and headed back to Amsterdam because the traffic light on the aircraft had changed.

The plane, a Russian-built Airbus A320-208 operated by charter flight Kogalymavia, was last seen at 17:03 local time (17:03 GMT).

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Govt urged to offer roadside grazing concessions to cattle owners

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has invited industry stakeholders to meet and discuss ways of addressing wildlife conservation needs in the state.

Forest and wildlife ministry forestist Pang Prasad said the ministry has invited stakeholders who can take part in dialogue to "give priority to public concerns that result in biodiversity and conservation issues of livestock and wildlife in the state".

"We are also sending an official delegation to Bengaluru to meet with the stakeholders," he added.

In the present time, Bengaluru stands at the cusp of a biodiversity crisis, as it is home to approximately 500 species of birds and at least 1,100 animals, mostly rare cats and the Bengal tiger.

It had recorded a decline in the last five years with a rise in the number of animals and animals in distress in 2010-11.

To tackle the situation, wildlife officials have advised industries to offer grazing concessions or transfer of ownership of animals to non-governmental organisations, said forestist.

"This will facilitate the removal of a lot of animals which would otherwise have to be euthanased," she added.

Feral cats roam the city and state, which is facing a shortage of land and water resources and is being squeezed by various development schemes. The number of feral cat-resistant fauna and animals has been
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Bendigo bank workers prepare for new hq. They need to make some big changes. #Bendigo — Mark Dyer (@markdayyer) December 16, 2017

Bendigo Bankers have been asking for changes to their pay since last week. That wasn't the last time the bank was asked to do this.

One of the biggest changes that is coming is that staff will receive a 2.5 per cent raise per year to keep pace with inflation, but staff will also be receiving pay rises of between 6 per cent and 8 per cent over the next four years.

However, it is expected that the new pay and benefits will take effect from July 1, 2018, which includes an expected hike to about 2.2 per cent in 2018-19.

However, some branch managers have questioned if staff will continue to be getting pay increases, saying that they are still making a contribution to the bank and there is still plenty left after the first year.

Employment and Education Minister Michael Woodhouse has responded that the pay and benefit changes are necessary to keep up with inflation, and that there's still plenty of room for them.

"This is more money for the unemployed," Woodhouse told 3AW.

"It is the only way we are going to get people back on the housing ladder in this country. We are asking people to work fewer hours for more money."

The minister said the changes are based on changes in the national standard of living and that it would be hard to ensure peopl
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What do aemo findings into sa blackout mean for the city?

This is how anaerobic digestion works. Sausage is ground up, digested and then removed from the ground. Sausage is ground up and removed from the ground. The sizzle and smell of sausage gets removed, and it goes straight into your mouth. Sausage is used to make bread, soups, pastas and other food items. It is the most efficient, environmentally friendly and least energy-intensive food.

What can happen when meat is used to make bread or other foods?

First things first, sausages are one of the most efficient and healthy ways to produce calories and produce protein. All animals produce carbon and oxygen. This is because meat is a natural nutrient-producing organ. The greater the carbon and oxygen content of a food, the greater the calorie content that that food can contain. Sausage helps us reduce fat consumption on many diets and also makes meat very filling and provides the perfect source of calories to help us burn off some of those lost calories.

And of course, if someone is using sausages to make bread, that is an efficient way to get calories. It is important to remember, sausages have about 300 calories per gram. This translates into a caloric value of more than 50,000 calories per pound of meat.

"The sausages produced as part of our diet, while delicious and nutritious, can become a source of energy for plants
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Call for review of cruise ship health checks and safety rules

NEW YORK: Amid rising concerns about over safety at ocean cruise ships, a group of cruise passengers said Wednesday they want their rights protected by law — and cruise lines that provide them with safety checks are doing little to ensure their safety, raising more questions about cruise's ability to meet consumers' demands.The group of passengers, all aged 21-39, include cruise operators including Carnival Corp, Oceanfront Group and Norwegian Cruise Line.In its latest annual report, the group's trade group, the Institute of Transport Engineers, said the number of cruise line health checks conducted has declined, but "cruiseline operators are not doing enough to protect consumers from hazardous conditions and do not have standards in place to verify that passengers are safe on board cruise liners."The group says it has filed 15 requests under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSAI) with several cruise line companies, including Carnival, to be assured the cruise industry's "safety protocols are clear, reliable, accurate and safe."But those requests have not been granted.According to the group, three out of the 12 companies that received CPSAI requests between 2010 and 2014 responded by requesting further study to determine whether or not they had the necessary equipment to verify passenger health and
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International ngo releases report on illegal nuclear testing. This is from November 2010.

What they report is that in 2009, after the US and its allies began a massive bombing campaign in Iraq in response to the Iranian nuclear program, the Iraqi government decided to test some of its nuclear weapons at sites in the country, the site of the alleged use of these weapons by the Islamic regime's regime. After this, several sites outside the country were tested. In 2010, it was confirmed that at least 9 of these 9 sites have been used, and most likely 20 or more.

The UK's National Nuclear Security Centre reported that in 2009 a small number of nuclear explosive tests at six of these sites were declared safe for military use by Baghdad. All but one of these were reportedly conducted by Britain. The test site near Erbil was used for training, although other sites were used for maintenance work. It is not clear if these were tests for conventional (non-nuclear) bombs or chemical weapons.

This report, by the National Nuclear Security Centre, came out just before Prime Minister Tony Blair's visit to Baghdad. In 2010, after he became prime minister, Blair visited each of the sites where the weapons were tested and told the media that he had heard the Iraq army was using these weapons. This statement seems to contradict the fact that no UN Security Council resolution has ever said tha
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Driver in critical condition after gold coast crash Copyright by WCMH - All rights reserved Video

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- A Columbus gold Coast police officer was in critical condition after crash, Columbus Fire and EMS say.

About 5:45 p.m. Thursday a black Chevrolet Malibu was heading west on South Main Street, heading to a nearby gas station.

Copyright by WCMH - All rights reserved Video

It's reported that someone in a white Chevrolet Malibu was behind the wheel of the vehicle when it crashed into a tree and caught fire.

The driver of the car was ejected.

According to Columbus police, it's unclear how many lives could have been saved if the officer had gotten out of the vehicle that hit the tree.

"This accident is devastating to many, but it doesn't affect our efforts on the front line," Columbus Police Chief Matthew Matz said in a statement.

He said the officer did all that he could to protect the public and put himself in jeopardy, but "I feel bad that some of the other officers would have done the same thing."

Matz said the officer's injuries include a skull fracture, severe head trauma and blunt force trauma to his head.

He remains in critical condition.

The other passenger in the vehicle that was involved in the crash remains hospitalized.

Cleveland County Coroner Rusty Payne said the deceased may have been wearing protective equipment.
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Floundering black caps with mountain to climb to, in order to reach and complete the race. Also a fun twist to the race is that it will be played in reverse - you can switch off a black cap and then turn it on to see who finishes first. Race conditions are relatively forgiving, so if you've got a bit more than a bit to lose you may enjoy the option to push the race a bit further.

For more info on how to get started on the race and details on the races itself check out the races page on the website.

Where to play

This is the perfect race to play with friends. With all the options, competition and rewards available this will definitely be a race for your friends! If you're interested then check out our guide to competitive racing to get started!

Ticket prices range from £50 – £100 for children up to 12, for those less then 12 we've put together our very own kids' tickets for you to try it out for free. Our kids' tickets for a family of 4 run from £40 – £80. For family of 6 we have family ticket tickets that range from £40 – £55, and we are also offering 5 hour passes for children up to 16 at no extra charge. All prices include entry on the day and any water.

The Race

This race has been running for over a decade and is the first of its kind. We've used some amazing races to kick off the event. We've been going round to round our local area's for the local races
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Tattooed fruit to replace stickers and plastic packaging can make a $150 profit at the local retail market.

In an attempt to discourage tattooed workers from coming to the U.S., California became the first state to require tattoos to be removed from the lips and ears after the passage of Proposition 215 in 1993. But the move was controversial among industry groups and some lawmakers worried that removing tattoos from the face was tantamount to criminalizing a person's religion.

The California Retailers Association opposed the change and said "business owners and workers need the security of knowing that when they walk into their business, they will not be exposed to any unwanted attention while doing it."

This type of tattooing is called "tradectomy," meaning the act of removing the skin or covering it with adhesive in order to alter a person's appearance and shape. This type of tattooing is often done on an alien looking creature and often accompanied by a "trademark" that identifies the person to everyone to see.

With nearly 95 percent of Americans identified as either atheist or agnostic, tattoos also represent a significant segment of the U.S. population. In 2011, an estimated 9.9 percent of U.S. adults have at least one tattoo -- with more than one tattooer per state accounting for a majority of the state's tattooing population.

As an atheist or agnostic, you cannot
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