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The application is available both on android and iOS.
The application is easy to use. Some games let you use more than one coin on each payline. Just download and use it! Generally speaking, though, most people spin the reels because they want some thrills. When choosing slots, some people won_t play a game unless it has at least a maximum payout worth 10,000x the stake.
A potentially lower level of aggregation might be the sequence of activities within a play (e.g., each time a consumer puts a coin into the slot machine or places a bet at a game table) but the data are not retained by the firm at this level. Assuming you do have the necessary funds, though, then you might consider a bigger bet for the following reasons.
As (if not more) importantly, BOFFFFs in batch-spawning species tend to have earlier and longer spawning seasons and may spawn in different locations than smaller females. This procedure was replicated five times (slots 1-5; i.e., the females in the polyandry treatment were paired with 5 males for 12 hr each and 60 hr in total).
Although T. castaneum females are extremely promiscuous (maximum of 12 copulations in one hour; Pai & Yan, 2003, Pai et al., 2007), males often fail to correctly insert the genitalia or transfer sperm (with a maximum probability of 55%; Tyler & Tregenza, 2013).
Thus, even if the number of matings was recorded, the data might include such mating failures.
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