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Farming practices blamed for looming mice plague US – Food & Water Watch

We're on the brink of a nightmare for the US in the growing list of food-related global threats as well as a potentially explosive, but rapidly diminishing, population: 1. Global warming 2. Environmental damage

The human brain isn't built for multitasking: Brain scientist

How do we fight the battle against global warming? Let's talk brains!

The UK government is on the verge of introducing mandatory labelling for food that contains high levels of lead, in an effort to make sure that it doesn't become a food security issue.

Some argue that lead-tainted food is a serious risk, and that the government should make the warning stick on the package – which is a way of "proving" to people that you really care. But others say that the labelling system should be mandatory, as lead content will create health problems – and, if not addressed early enough, lead poisoning will only escalate.

And this is where we are today, with the European Food Safety Authority's labelling process. The new system is designed to check that products have a trace-level of the toxic substance when they arrive from a manufacturer, which is why, as with pesticides, we've seen a sharp spike in the past year in poisoning.

As the lead content has reached alarming levels, scientists from the University of Sheffield's Food Quality L
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