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Benjamin netanyahu to be indicted for corruption as he heads to Russia" | Lefteris Pitarakis and Benjamin Netanayak — RT (@RT_com) August 2, 2016

Israel's cabinet approved the indictment of Netanyahu on Monday, but the Prime Minister's Office said Netanyahu had not been officially charged yet.

Netanyahu and his deputy, Binyamin Netanyahu, are accused of engaging in numerous questionable transactions and "conspiring in the corruption of the state."

However, Israel's attorney-general Yitzhak Aharonovitch, said at the time that if convicted, all charges would be dropped. He said there was no legal basis to lay charges against the prime minister, but a "cautious view" was taken from "some sources" who had the authority to take decisions.

An official with the Israeli legal establishment said the announcement of his indictment could mean that Netanyahu could serve three-and-a-half years in prison, as opposed to being arrested and put on trial, as he had previously.

Yossi Melman, from the Yesha Council, a legal group that advocates for justice for victims of alleged human rights violations, said he believed the indictment was intended to remove obstacles for Israeli government prosecutors trying to take the case to a public court, thereby removing the potential legal obstacle for the prosecution to successfully take the case to a trial.

Melman said he
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