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Govt urged to offer roadside grazing concessions to cattle owners

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has invited industry stakeholders to meet and discuss ways of addressing wildlife conservation needs in the state.

Forest and wildlife ministry forestist Pang Prasad said the ministry has invited stakeholders who can take part in dialogue to "give priority to public concerns that result in biodiversity and conservation issues of livestock and wildlife in the state".

"We are also sending an official delegation to Bengaluru to meet with the stakeholders," he added.

In the present time, Bengaluru stands at the cusp of a biodiversity crisis, as it is home to approximately 500 species of birds and at least 1,100 animals, mostly rare cats and the Bengal tiger.

It had recorded a decline in the last five years with a rise in the number of animals and animals in distress in 2010-11.

To tackle the situation, wildlife officials have advised industries to offer grazing concessions or transfer of ownership of animals to non-governmental organisations, said forestist.

"This will facilitate the removal of a lot of animals which would otherwise have to be euthanased," she added.

Feral cats roam the city and state, which is facing a shortage of land and water resources and is being squeezed by various development schemes. The number of feral cat-resistant fauna and animals has been
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