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Call for review of cruise ship health checks and safety rules

NEW YORK: Amid rising concerns about over safety at ocean cruise ships, a group of cruise passengers said Wednesday they want their rights protected by law — and cruise lines that provide them with safety checks are doing little to ensure their safety, raising more questions about cruise's ability to meet consumers' demands.The group of passengers, all aged 21-39, include cruise operators including Carnival Corp, Oceanfront Group and Norwegian Cruise Line.In its latest annual report, the group's trade group, the Institute of Transport Engineers, said the number of cruise line health checks conducted has declined, but "cruiseline operators are not doing enough to protect consumers from hazardous conditions and do not have standards in place to verify that passengers are safe on board cruise liners."The group says it has filed 15 requests under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSAI) with several cruise line companies, including Carnival, to be assured the cruise industry's "safety protocols are clear, reliable, accurate and safe."But those requests have not been granted.According to the group, three out of the 12 companies that received CPSAI requests between 2010 and 2014 responded by requesting further study to determine whether or not they had the necessary equipment to verify passenger health and
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