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International ngo releases report on illegal nuclear testing. This is from November 2010.

What they report is that in 2009, after the US and its allies began a massive bombing campaign in Iraq in response to the Iranian nuclear program, the Iraqi government decided to test some of its nuclear weapons at sites in the country, the site of the alleged use of these weapons by the Islamic regime's regime. After this, several sites outside the country were tested. In 2010, it was confirmed that at least 9 of these 9 sites have been used, and most likely 20 or more.

The UK's National Nuclear Security Centre reported that in 2009 a small number of nuclear explosive tests at six of these sites were declared safe for military use by Baghdad. All but one of these were reportedly conducted by Britain. The test site near Erbil was used for training, although other sites were used for maintenance work. It is not clear if these were tests for conventional (non-nuclear) bombs or chemical weapons.

This report, by the National Nuclear Security Centre, came out just before Prime Minister Tony Blair's visit to Baghdad. In 2010, after he became prime minister, Blair visited each of the sites where the weapons were tested and told the media that he had heard the Iraq army was using these weapons. This statement seems to contradict the fact that no UN Security Council resolution has ever said tha
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