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Floundering black caps with mountain to climb to, in order to reach and complete the race. Also a fun twist to the race is that it will be played in reverse - you can switch off a black cap and then turn it on to see who finishes first. Race conditions are relatively forgiving, so if you've got a bit more than a bit to lose you may enjoy the option to push the race a bit further.

For more info on how to get started on the race and details on the races itself check out the races page on the website.

Where to play

This is the perfect race to play with friends. With all the options, competition and rewards available this will definitely be a race for your friends! If you're interested then check out our guide to competitive racing to get started!

Ticket prices range from £50 – £100 for children up to 12, for those less then 12 we've put together our very own kids' tickets for you to try it out for free. Our kids' tickets for a family of 4 run from £40 – £80. For family of 6 we have family ticket tickets that range from £40 – £55, and we are also offering 5 hour passes for children up to 16 at no extra charge. All prices include entry on the day and any water.

The Race

This race has been running for over a decade and is the first of its kind. We've used some amazing races to kick off the event. We've been going round to round our local area's for the local races
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